R&D and Consulting

Our R&D team studies your business to help you reduce both technical and market risk across the entire development lifecycle. The team is responsible for drafting a product design and development plan such that it meets your business needs and budget.

The R&D team analyses different existing system, research on  manpower suitable for client needs and budget to draft plan to serve services at affordable price. The service is responsible for following things:

  1. Validate your concept.
  2. Choose the right technology.
  3. Maximize resources.
  4. Avoid unplanned costs
  5. Innovate and ensure growth
  6. Discover ways to increase utility of your existing system/new system.

Mobile Apps Development

We offer mobile application development services tailored to your business or individual needs. We cover all the aspects of mobile application life cycle from ideation to publishing, integration and ongoing support. Our consultants sit down with you or your company to understand your idea and devise technical solution.

The company develops mobile apps for following platforms:

  1. iOS Platform
  2. Android Platform
  3. Cross platform

The company understand that only developing a mobile application is not sufficient to sustain and utilize the product. So we provide further other services attached along with it.

  1. Business case evaluation
  2. Market and competitor analysis
  3. Feasibility study
  4. Scalability and GDPR compliance
  5. Native or cross platform consulting
  6. Monetization and ROI strategies
  7. App store publishing
  8. Error tracking and crash reporting

Web Services

Our company helps businesses build websites that focuses on needs and objectives of their business. Developing a mere website without understanding the company’s brand, identity and culture is a common scenario nowadays. We understand that website is not only the simple software or tool but a digital picture of the company’s itself. So, we offer a range of websites that can be used for several purposes:

  1. Brand awareness
  2. Information sharing
  3. Revenue generation
  4. Lead generation

And so on…

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the term used for marketing through digital media via Internet. We offer different types of digital marketing services based on client’s needs. The most important factor for any digital marketing is understanding business, its culture, products and needs. We start with dedicated study of your business like we are going to buy your company. With this study, we develop a sense of ownership and then we start developing marketing strategy for your company. Our digital media services include:

  1. Social Media Management
  2. Search Engine Management
  3. PPC and AdWords
  4. SMS marketing
  5. Content Marketing and storytelling

Our digital marketing services promises following things to our clients:

  1. Alignment of non-digital marketing and digital marketing
  2. Design and graphical contents relevant to branding of the company.
  3. Increase reach.
  4. Lead generation.
  5. Improve website as well social media experience.
  6. Engage with target audience.
  7. Connect with clients.
  8. Conversion strategy of leads and conversion optimization.
  9. Transparency of budget spent and detailed reports of results.

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