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We ensure the right workforce skills and competencies required to increase overall performance and quality of work. We foster continuous innovation and deliver the right products and services faster with superior quality and value.


We align strategic and operational objectives and targets to fully achieve product’s performance.


We follow agile approach to execute our projects – specifically SCRUM. This process has weekly sprints with predefined goals. On each sprint meeting development team present their releases, achievement of goals, what worked good, which impediments occurred and discuss the kick-off of the next sprints. Customers can participate in weekly planning sessions and check planning consistently.

We use Project Management and Issue Reporting Tools like Microsoft Team, Open Project and Team viewer for collaboration where clients actively participate with the developers. Our tools allow creation and reporting of tasks, issues, bugs and change-requests whereby keeping track of hours spent on them.

We strictly use git(Bitbucket) for sub versioning our source codes. We have dedicated repositories that stores and keep track of all the modifications made to the project files. 


We leverage business and operational quality standards, design guidelines, coding standards to increase efficiency and effectiveness while minimizing future unnecessary costs.


We join all the challenges in a unified collaborative workforce to a much better product development environment to achieve performance excellence.

Customer Support

We support our customers from very beginning of the product development. We provide consulting services and coordinate with our clients in planning process. With constant feedback and improvements, we deliver the product with complete customer satisfaction. Our high response rate in client’s communication has helped us build long term relationships with our clients and served many happy clients.

Our Approach

1. Research

The first step in our product development approach is research. We research on requirement of the project and prepare a system requirement specification. We also research on different systems to reduce cost for the client.

2. Consultancy

The client’s system is researched thoroughly and we provide consultancy services for our client to suggest better features and technologies. We also suggest cost effective resources for implementation of various process described in the system requirement specification document.

3. Prototyping

System’s prototype is developed in detail and verified by the client. All the implementations are thoroughly discussed and well documented. We try to minimize the risk of misinterpretation of system features and descriptions.

4. Development

System is developed based on prototypes. Modules are breakdown into number of phases and modules are developed accordingly.

5. Continuous feedback

Modules and its phases are sent for review. We take continuous feedback and improvise the system.

6. Testing

Testing of the system at each module is conducted. Alpha and beta versions of the product are developed and tested before launching its final version.

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